Quorum Technologies was founded in 2001, having acquired the long-established Polaron brand and its range of electron microscopy (EM) products. Since then they have been proactive in responding to industry requests and requirements for new instruments and techniques, enabling them to develop over the years into a market-leading, globally recognised business. In 2005 they acquired the Emitech brand, extending their exciting range and growing their business further.

In 2009 further impetus and investment came with the acquisition of their company by Judges Scientific plc, and a list of other subsidiary companies can be found on their links page.

They continue to manufacture Emitech and Polaron instruments - now under the Quorum Technologies brand - at their two premises in the South East of England, producing cryo-SEM and cryo transfer systems, and EM (SEM and TEM) preparation instruments.

Learn more about Quorum Technologies using the link : http://www.quorumtech.com