The first Phenom desk / table top SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) was a part of the FEI product range until Phenom World became an independent company in 2009.

The Phenom is the fastest desk/table top scanning electron microscope in the world. After loading the sample you receive an instant optical image and electron image in just 30 seconds!

It is extremely robust, compact, less sensitive to vibrations and easy to use enabling high quality imaging with an intuitive user interface. It is equipped with a high brightness thermionic source (CeB6) that enables high-resolution imaging and a long-life time.

Unlike other systems, the Phenom offers a range of models of SEM’s for a wide range of applications and some are equipped with both EDS detector and Elemental Analysis software fully embedded into the system.

Today Phenom World has an install base of more than 2100 systems all over the world including India in government organizations, universities, research institutes and industry.

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