nerbe plus GmbH, founded at Hamburg, German has been in the field of plastics technology for medical research and laboratory supplies for over 39 years.

nerbe plus GmbH offers:

  • Plastic consumables: Swabs, Spreaders / stirring spatula
  • Vials: Cell counter vials, Deep well plates, nerbe dispenser tips, Drosophila vials, Labels / barcoded labels, Cryo vials
  • Containers: Multipurpose containers, Snap cap container / Flip top container, Screw cap containers, Blender-Bags, Inoculation loops, Autoclavable bags
  • Cuvettes: Square cuvettes, Micro rack system, Micro test plates / Blood typing plates, Pasteur pipettes for single use, PCR vials
  • Pipettes: 16-channel pipettor and tips, Pipette tips, Robotic tips, Filter tips / Premium Surface, Pipette tips / Refill system, Gel loading pipette tips, Sample bags with wire closure, Scintillation vials, Analyzer cups for special analyzing systems, Universal containers, Reservoirs
  • Tubes: Micro tubes (Eppendorf type), Tubes for serum preparation, Tubes with conical bottom, Round bottom tubes, Tubes with screw caps, Rod pipettes / serological pipettes, Tube caps, Straw pipette, universal beakers / universal containers, PCR plates, Petri dishes
  • Mailing box and envelopes: Mailing containers, mailing system for germ count, Sealing films / mats for PCR and Deep Wells.

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